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About Me


My name is Marsha Lutz and I am a professional portrait photographer. I love to photograph everyday people and my mission is to provide them with the best photographs that they have ever seen of themselves.

The camera can be a cruel instrument unless used correctly; there is some truth to the statement that the camera can add 10 pounds, but that is only true if you don’t know how to use the techniques that accentuate the positives and minimize the negatives. I know the right poses to make you look your best, the correct angles, lighting, and perspectives that allow you to be seen the way everyone who loves you see’s you; perfect and beautiful. And I know how to capture your light that shines from within.


I’ve heard it all before; “I’m not photogenic”, “I need to lose weight”, “I’m too old”, “I hate having my picture taken”. But I believe you are perfect right now, no matter your size or your age, and there has never been a more perfect time for you to exist in photographs. Do it for yourself, and for those who love you, because one day these images will be priceless and your loved ones will treasure them forever.


Let’s set up a personal consultation today and discuss how you want to be photographed!

Contact Me

Marsha Lutz

102 Euclid Ave, suite 204

P.O. Box 1994

Sandpoint Idaho 83864

(208) 255-9062

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